15 Days of Silence
Two Norwegian artists who were organising an independent project in Fitjar, Norway approached me. The location for the project was a group of small islands in the sea. Each of the artists had their own island for expressing them- selves. There were 16 artists and 16 islands. The islands were ours for two weeks, except the last weekend when they were made available for the public through organized boats and guides. It was my second year in Belgium and my daily routine consisted of HISK parties and countless visiting lecturers, and I spent most of the time in discussions. Therefore, it seemed natural for me to use this time to pause all the talking. So I wrote the manifesto, moved to the island and stopped talking for 15 days.
15 days of silence
15 days, the most valuable thing I can do is to be silent.15 days, I turn off the computer and cell phone.15 days, I live alone with the nature.15 days, I forget my daily rhythm.15 days, I get up with the sun.15 days, I read seven books.15 days, I cook and wash my clothes myself.15 days, I wave my hand at every passing boat.15 days, I make my own mistakes.15 days, I go to swim once a day.15 days, I respect the written word and I do not waste it.15 days, I focus on the present and forget the past and the future.15 days, I go to sleep as the sun goes down.15 days, I wear warm clothes in cold nights.15 days, I write down everything without thinking much.
(Photo: Erik Reitan, Juuso Noronkoski)