Seven Thursdays
Solo Exhibition @ KIM? Contemporary Art CentreTogether with Kristīne KursišaRiga, Latvia, 29.11.2012. - 10.01.2013.
This is an introduction to what was begun on a Thursday in a clean, empty exhibition space in Riga. “Any resolution is a new beginning”, we decided, marking out the first 6 crosses in the lottery ticket of 44 proposed works. A lottery of the next Thursday’s exhibition followed. Thus we met and chose, drew and predicted six times. We got it all, whatever was needed. An exhibition – poetic and free, a clarity built within the complex. Miks and Kristīne once again were as two and one, after each draw closing the gallery and working out of sight until the next round. “Nice to see you..”, they resigned to pursue their paper, pantones, pomelos. This lottery had no formula and the chance was once more was released into freeflow.
Zane Onckule
N°38 - The Colour of the week. Riga, 07.12.-13.12.2012.
N°14 - Расфокусированное сознание (Blurred consciousness). New York, 05.05.2012.
N°25 - PANTONE 7506 – Sun faded paper. Fitjar, 05.08.2012.N°13 - PANTONE 7705 – Difficult day. Fitjar, 04.08.2012.N°34 - PANTONE 200 – 15 rowan berries. Fitjar, 12.08.2012.